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Container Track & Trace

eTRACK is a “best-of-breed” container tracking and tracing module, second to none.  This system is superior to any similar system offered by mega carriers, by any measurement criteria such as ease of use, information content, refresh rate, and performance.  Completely web-based, shippers, agents, consignees, vendors, and any other interested party may access the system from any place in the world, without the need for any custom software except a browser, internet connection, user ID and password.

At any time your customers can view the status of their shipments. With eTRACK it is possible to view: 

  • Vessel/Voyage
  • Container Number
  • Customs Status
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Origin Port
  • Load Port
  • ETD at Load Port
  • ETA at Discharge Port
  • Final Destination

Search by B/L, booking number, container number, or PO number for details on your shipments from origin to destination.