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EDI Portal Services

Vilden Portal Services (VPS) is your affordable one-stop solution for integrating your electronic information interchange (EDI) exchanges seamlessly with your business partners. Our portal services support virtually all facets of the supply chain, for carriers, importers, brokers, 3PLs, terminals, railroads, and motor carriers; our cloud portal is the premier environment for collaboration and inter-connectivity within your logistics operation.

VPS offers a full range of EDI transaction sets used for the creation of shipping and freight information, including: shipping instructions, orders, booking requests & confirmations, gate moves, vessel load and discharge moves, rated & unrated Bills of Lading, Manifests, shipments milestones and status notifications, Customs AMS/ACE and Security Filings and dispositions for countries around the world, invoices, and much more!

VPS’ any-to-any in-network translation service eliminates costs associated with traditional EDI translation software. Any ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, XML, flat files, proprietary formats, Excel, and other file forms can be converted into standard or proprietary EDI sets for secure and seamless processing and delivery.

Services Include

  • EDI Translation software translates information from sender’s systems into EDI or proprietary formats of recipients.
  • Data mapping allows your system to sync with your customers and/or vendors systems.
  • Communications Network needed to send and receive EDI transactions (supports AS1, AS2 and other connections).
  • Ongoing EDI support and maintenance services.
  • Web-based inquiries and reports.

By taking advantage of the latest EDI, XML, and web services, we will fulfill the requirements of all of your trading partners with the most cost-effective solutions in the industry!

The Benefits

  • Eliminates or reduces the cost of maintaining expensive staff and infrastructure to support EDI in‐house.
  • Disaster Avoidance/Business Continuity – VPS infrastructure backed up in real time to a secure backup.
  • Eliminates exposure to critical EDI staff turn‐over.
  • No need to compete for precious in‐house resources to deploy this customer‐centric solution.
  • Expedites deployment of new trading partner exchanges with dedicated expert staff.
  • Eliminates issues dealing with multiple formats and incompatible communications protocols.
  • Translation of any‐format‐to‐any‐format is a VPS core competency.
  • Reduce transactional costs.
  • Maximize benefits to customers/vendors through timely and accurate automated distribution of relevant data.
  • Incorporate relevant external events into the corporate information system on a timely basis.
  • Foster customer intimacy by increasing the number of “touches” and increase visibility.
  • Improve customer retention and acquisition.
  • Develop a global strategy for e‐Commerce with a one‐stop supplier for some or all needs.
  • Reduce the total cost of the e‐Commerce function.