E.U. Container Status Message (CSM) Filing Requirement – Are You Ready For The September 1st Implementation?

Posted on: Aug 18, 2016

For maritime carriers with a European service, a new Container Status Message (CSM) filing requirement is being implemented next month. From September 1, 2016, maritime carriers calling at E.U. ports will be required to file CSMs to the the European Commission’s (EC) anti-fraud office (OLAF).

The pilot system has already transitioned to production environment, allowing carriers to test their CSM filing protocols with OLAF in advance of the September start date for mandatory CSM filings. Vilden Associates can help you test your E.U. CSM transmissions, contact us today to learn more about the filing requirements and to file before it becomes mandatory. Ensure your compliance, contact us at info@vilden.com to learn more!

Source: World Shipping Council (WSC)