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Shipping Liner & Agency Software

The Vilden Global Liner System (VGLS) is a fully integrated Shipping Liner and Agency application.  A key differentiator of VGLS is that it employs a single view of the corporate data base so that all activities, updates, postings, changes at the load ports, discharge ports, and all offices world-wide are immediately visible globally in real time.  There are no duplicate data bases with the attendant delay in updating remote sites and synchronization challenges, and the additional cost inherent in such systems.

VGLS provides a complete platform for managing the commercial and operational aspects of ocean carriers from the receipt of customer rate quotations, cargo bookings, local, regional and global equipment tracking, tracing and management, complete documentation modules for the load and discharge operations, Intermodal operations, financial information and controls, electronic communications (EDI) with trading partners and government agencies, electronic document transmissions via the internet, data base access security through virtual private networks and much more.

Booking Module

Most Bookings can be taken in seconds because the system uses historical data to create templates (Patterns) which are used to populate automatically the booking screens’ input fields.  Additional ability to create quotes for potential customer which details can be later used to automatically create Booking from the Quote.

Maintenance & Repair

Monitors the complete maintenance and repair cycle from initial damage reports, surveyors’ reports, approvals, disbursements, billing third parties for recoveries and tracking.

Equipment Management

The Equipment management system tracks all equipment (Containers, Chassis, M G Set ) and facilitates fleet management to optimize utilization, reduce cost and improve service. Flexible user defined table values allow tracking and management from depots to office, region, country, etc; by size and type; by status, and much more. Per Diem invoices are generated automatically from historical data.

Inland Transportation

Inland transport allows for detailed dispatching to transportation service provider(s) over multiple shipment legs in one process via email, fax, or EDI for Export Booking, Import Bills of Lading and Empty Repositioning of equipment.  All this is integrated with Equipment Management for tracking of equipment with complete control of job costing, and approval of vendor invoices.  Additional feature of being able to electronically transmit Transport Instruction to service provider(s) whom are EDI capable (Railroad, Trucker).

Inbound & Outbound Documentation

Booking, Equipment information and profiles are inherited to produce the fastest means in the industry to generate Bills of Lading. Arrival Notices, Manifests, Freight Revenue Reports, In Bond documents, Paperless in Bond, and electronic (EDI, fax, and email) versions of these and other documents are sent and received by the system to expedite information distribution.

Sales & Marketing

Sales module allows management to set goals and targets for sales staff and to measure performance.  The road warriors have instant access to their customers statistics; who’s booking, who’s not.  This improves sales resource planning for the week or months activity.


The system supports electronic data interchange (EDI) standards as well as proprietary sets to exchange business information with customers, terminals, Intermodal carriers, depots, government agencies and portals via EDI (Vilden Portal Services). VGLS supports virtually all common transaction sets used in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Accounts Receivable

The system provides billing, adjustments, write-offs, collections, and credit management functions for branch offices, regions, countries and globally.

Accounts Payable

The system provides tools for cost control, cash management, disbursements, cost analysis, third party recoveries, treasury, and journals.

General Ledger

Flexible full featured system that is tightly integrated with operations and other accounting modules to produce financial reports such as Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements with various selection criteria and levels of detail.

System Tables

User defined values allow the system to be easily customized. These Tables include the customer file, location codes, equipment size & type, vessel sailing schedules, customer profiles, and dozens more.

 Communication and Reporting

Every aspect from quotation to invoice can be sent via email to yourself and/or customer with your steamship lines logo on system generated forms.  Each module in VGLS has a plethora of canned reports or excel outputs.  Additionally, email or EDI can be used as another medium for providing shipment milestones on top of our eTRACK web module.